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вторник, 22 сентября 2009 г.
INTUIT.ru <- very class site! It is... System 11:13:22
 INTUIT.ru <- very class site! It is the Internet University of the Information technology!!

Words especially also you will not describe! It is necessary ! Unequivocally!))

In general, there is in Moscow a University the INTUITIONALIST. And this university has made online the version for training. There all lectures, on different courses are written down. After each lecture - examination. At what all is enough . If <75 % has answered examination - not offset, it is necessary to repeat and anew examination. At what questions will be already others. And back it is impossible to return. If> 75 % but are less than 85 % - that offset. If> 85 % and <95 % - are good. Well and above - it is excellent!

Courses there basically computer. But is and not the computer.

Very much style of teaching was pleasant - at once it is visible that style HIGH SCHOOL. Much better self-instruction manuals and, even, the STEP. More cleverly ))) And, during too time is more accessible.

It is possible to be engaged at any time. There is a local version (to download from a web site, or a DVD-disk) or paper (books). But it already .

By the way, on the course termination the diploma. And it can be ordered, and it will send mail to you! Here so)) But the main thing as for me, it is knowledge which can be got really on this site! The site very much was pleasant, to it I advise it to you!:)­

p.s. Has forgotten to tell the most important thing is all FREE OF CHARGE

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Дневник > Site

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